Directions from Shibuya station to BOOK LAB TOKYO

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Hi I’m Yasuko!!
I will show you the directions from 【Shibuya station】 to 【BOOK LAB TOKYO】!!
It will be about 8 minutes by heel until arrival.

Yasuko Guide Map

The address of the destination is
【10-7 Dogenzaka 2-chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo】
  • STEP1
    When you reach 【Shibuya station】 head towards 【Hachiko exit】 first!

    It is an exit where there is a statue of “Hachiko”!
  • STEP2
    Cross the scrambled intersection to the left!

  • STEP3
    Go straight ahead as you cross the intersection!

    Go straight ahead on the right side of the L’OCCITANE’s building ! 
  • STEP4
    As you go on, "SHIBUYA 109" will appear at the intersection where you see diagonally!Do not cross the intersection and continue straight ahead!

  • STEP5
    Just climb the slope straight for about 2 minutes straight!

    You can see TOHO Cinema on your left!
  • STEP6
    If you can see a bicycle shop called "YsRoad" on the left, next is the entrance!

    There is a blue prominent signboard!
  • STEP7
    Please use the escalator behind the entrance to the second floor!


    It is a fashionable bookstore with a coffee stand!

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